Sunday, April 18, 2010

Why do people blog?

A little while ago, a friend of mine suggested that I start a blog. Why do people start blogs? I wondered. I admit that I still don't really know, and I assume there are many reasons, but it seems to me that people create blogs because they want to share ideas and discuss things. I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but every time I would sit down to start it I would say, "Um, hmm, well, what would I write about? I'm not sure I have anything to say." Well, I decided to start a blog anyway, so here it goes.

I decided to call my blog "Life after Stern College," because I graduated Yeshiva University's Stern College relatively recently, and so most of what's on my mind is what's going on my life since then. Also, saying that I graduated from Stern gives you a pretty good idea of where I'm coming from. Those who are hashkafically to the right of YU say that it teaches heresy, while those on the left will claim that YU keeps moving to the right. I respect that everyone has the right to have their own opinion, even if I may disagree with it.

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