Monday, September 20, 2010

Letter to my Bad Day

I wrote this a little while ago, and I think for the most part it worked.

To my Bad Day:

You might be strong, but I am stronger. You might try to push me down, but I will get back up again. You might send people my way who hurt me, who insult me, who speak to me in ways that I would never even imagine speaking to anyone. You can challenge me time and time again, hitting me when I least expect it, at the worst time. But like a tennis player, holding the racket waiting to hit the ball, like a baseball player holding the bat, ready to swing, I am ready to tackle whatever you throw my way. I know that Hashem is right there with me helping me, and my Yetzer HaTov is cheering in the bleechers, shouting, “Yay! You can do it!” as I respond calmly instead of angrily, dignified instead of frustrated.

You can fight me, but I’ll fight back. You might try to break me like glass shattering into thousands of pieces, or tear me apart like a secret document going through a paper shredder, but I will bend like chewing gum as far as it takes, and I will super glue myself together should you begin to cut through me. I will throw up my parachute, should you try to push me off your plane, and I will swim to the lifeboat if you throw me off your ship. I will not let the strong waters of your storm drown me, and I will not let your nasty winds toss me away like a tumbling feather. I will climb every mountain that you put in front of me, even if it takes every ounce of strength from my body.

And if you do begin to reach me, and slowly take me down before I’ve even realized you’ve come, if I find myself caught in the web of your trap or fallen in the deep hole of your barren desert, I will call out for help, and G-d will lift me up. He will throw me a rope to escape your pit, and carefully cut through the ropes of your trap. He will release me and rescue me, for even when I have failed to utlize the strength that He gave me, G-d still has mercy and will gently encourage me. He will send me the magical people who appear at just the right moment, with just the tools that I need. G-d will send helicopters to all corners of the earth, expert mountain-climbers to guide me, and friends to keep me company, even if they are just as helpless. He will send the sun to warm me and show me the way, and clear a path for me to walk on.

So, Bad Day, don’t think that you will win, because you won’t. Any battle that you think you’ve won, is only temporary, because I will win the war. Even if you put all odds against me, I will beat them and I will make it through. You can go home now, shame-faced and unaccomplished. For it will not be me that you inflict today.

Just remember this the next time you come to face me.
I hope never to see you again.


  1. Great letter. If I was Mr. Bad Day, I'd be afraid to start up with you.
    Hope you develop an intimate and everlasting relationship with Mr. Good Day :-).

  2. I have had not just a bad day, but a bad three weeks. It seems to come all at the same time. I have tried to stay optimistic and subdue my anger at those who knocked me down, but I get up again, you're never gonna keep me down cause we'll be singing when we're winning . . .

    (Chumbawumba's "Danny Boy")

    It hurt a lot, and I don't think my behavior warranted such kicks in the teeth. So it comes from above for another purpose. I just hope it doesn't become a trend.

  3. Sun inside Rain- Thanks, I hope so too! :)

    Bookworm- :( I'm sorry to hear that,I can completely relate. Sometimes it feels like bad days come in clumps. Hope your bad days turn around soon!

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