Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Men's Brains Vs. Women's Brains

Men and women think differently, and we are always trying to understand what the other gender is thinking and how they reached the conclusions they did. The following video sheds some light on this subject. I know it's 10 minutes, but the key points are in the first 3 minutes, and it is definitely worth a watch:

Men’s brains vs. Women’s brains

To sum up:

Men’s brains are like boxes, with each topic divided up in their mind. When they are thinking about something, they are just thinking about that one thing and nothing else. They also have a “nothing” box which allows them to think about nothing.

Women’s brains are like a million interconnected wires, which are constantly busy. When they are thinking about something, they are also thinking about one hundred other things which are connected to it in their mind. They are always thinking and never thinking about nothing.

While this is not true for all men and all women, I think it is true as a general rule. I will say that I think it is true for me personally, though I would never claim to understand men’s brains. When I first watched this video my reaction was the following: Guys don’t really have a “nothing” box! How can anyone be thinking about nothing? You’re always thinking about something! That is completely not true. Men just want women to think they have a “nothing” box, but really when they say they are thinking about nothing, they are thinking about something inappropriate so they do not want to share it. This is fine, and understandable that they are thinking inappropriate thoughts, but they can’t possibly be thinking about nothing! Clearly, I just don't understand guys.

The key is that neither of these ways of thinking is *better* than the other, they are both good, just different. They each have their pros and cons, and in some situations it is better to think like a man, while other situations benefit from the way a woman thinks. That is what makes the world work. While there are times when I wish I could turn my brain off and think about nothing, I like the fact that everything is all connected in my brain.

A recent blogging situation demonstrates how true this is. I recently wrote a post about reasons why I want to get married, where I listed 101 reasons. Harry-er than them followed up with his post (which actually fits in nicely with this post, since he mentions that women are difficult to figure out), about why he wants to get married which comes down to, as he puts it “because I feel its best for me.” This is just typical male vs. female. For the male, Harry-er in this case, marriage is about marriage, simple as that, without connecting it to 100 things. It all stays in the “marriage” box. Short, simple, and sweet, and that is the end of it. No need to go crazy. Marriage is about marriage, the end.

For the female, however, me in this case, marriage is not just about marriage. It’s about 100 other things- how will this affect my life? How will this decision affect my family? What about my friends? How does marriage have a spiritual impact? An emotional impact? My brain races furiously thinking of what marriage means for every single aspect of my life, down to the tiniest detail.

The great and beautiful thing is that both of these approaches work for each of us. Different approaches in life are what make the world go round. It would be so boring if we all thought the same way and life would be too easy if we just automatically understood each other. Resolving conflict, learning to understand each other, questioning, growing, and trying to figure out how to be together, is part of what life is all about.



  1. LOVE this video. As you might have noticed, I referenced the Nohing Box in my latest post. I realllly wish I had one of those. I could use it sometimes. Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus is a popular book that addresses the same topics with a different spin. Also worth looking into. The thing about any of these methods of understanding the opposite sex is remembering that everyone is an individual. Super post! G-d bless Mark Gungor! He has a few other funny and enlightening videos worth watching on Youtube.

  2. The video is brilliant and nails it on the head.While I consider myself a thinker most of the time I'd definitely agree that guys have a nothing box and it is essential for us to tap into even if only briefly

    Sterngrad- your theory on what the nothing box really is is a interesting one but your forgetting that when you assume the nothing box is really for inappropriate thoughts and we just use it as excuse your forgetting that 'inappropriate thought' is a box in and of itself and that the nothing box still exists

  3. coralcap- Believe it or not, I'm glad I don't have a nothing box. I am perfectly capable of spacing out once in a while, and also- that's what sleep is for. If I'm awake I might as well be thinking and trying to accomplish something.

    elimgray- thanks for confirming that guys have a nothing box. In terms of my theory, a guy can have an "inappropriate thought" box and still use the "nothing box" as an excuse.

  4. The nothing box is very important for refreshing your mind. I usually only access it when exercising and listening to my heartbeat and breathing.


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