Thursday, May 13, 2010

Spiritual Chizuk

The road of Avodas Hashem is a bumpy one, and we could always use a little encouragement. One thing I do when I’m feel motivated is I write it down so I can read it later on when I feel like I’m making no progress in my efforts in spiritual growth. I wrote this a long time ago, for myself to read, so I’m posting it in the hopes that it will bring others chizuk as well. Disclaimer: Different things inspire different people, so this may not be your type of thing.

A relationship with Hashem and Avodas Hashem are a constant struggle, and like everything in life, there are ups and downs. Just like you bend your knees and lower yourself in order to jump, sometimes you will have spiritual lows, but they will bring you up. It’s hard to see sometimes, but the struggle is an important part of the process.

Don’t ever doubt for a second that G-d loves you and is constantly playing an active role in your life. Look at all the wonderful things and people in your life. Think about all that G-d has done for you today, the opportunities, the kindnesses. G-d helps you on the path that you want to go on. If you want Torah and growth, G-d will help. Don’t forget who you are and who you could be. With your unique Kochos/abilities and life situation, only you can fulfill your Tafkid/purpose.

People think that you need to do something big to change someone’s life, but for most people, life doesn’t change in a second. It isn’t one smile, but it’s every smile. Maybe each drop on its own is not enough to make a hole in the rock, but when they all come together they can do it. Even though one drop doesn’t seem to make a difference, they are each doing something small, and although it’s not a visible difference, it counts. Don’t doubt the significance of small steps.

Every second of the day you are influenced and affected a bit, and every day you impact people a bit. It’s hard because you don’t feel it, you don’t see it, but like G-d- who cannot be sensed by human senses- growth and change is slow, but it exists. Don’t get discouraged; believe. Just try.

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