Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two videos about the Shidduch Crisis

I am in the middle of writing a review of the following two videos which each discuss "The Shidduch Crisis."

The first one, click here, was put out Yeshiva World News, and the second one, click here, is from YU Connects. The first one is short, the YU Connects one is about 19 minutes.

So for now, enjoy the videos, and get ready for a post comparing and discussing the two.


  1. Wow the difference in outlook between the two organizations is quite staggering. There were a lot of very interesting points brought up in the YU video that I have thought about before. For example, they were speaking about the "Friend Zone" and how guys and girls get involved in "platonic" friendships and don't end up going out in fear of ruining said friendship. I never thought about how that would add to the challenge, but know I see it makes so much sense. I thought the platonic friendship was something people outgrew after leaving high school but I guess I have a lot to learn...
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. The difference is quite amazing. I just posted my comparison. Thanks for commenting!


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