Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Murphy’s Laws of Shidduch Dating

We all have experienced in life that, "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong". With that in mind, I present to you Murphy’s Laws of Shidduch Dating:

1. If you have been waiting all night for a guy to call, and you decide to go to the bathroom, he will call during those five minutes. (When you do connect it goes something like this: “I’m sorry I missed your call….” Followed by “Oh, I didn’t mean to call at an inconvenient time…” followed by “Oh it wasn’t an inconvenient time…” I’ve been waiting all night for you to call!)

2. If you agree to go out with someone who seems to fit basically what you're looking for, someone who seems like an even better fit will be suggested to you right afterwards, who you will have to say no to. (And we all know that then when you become available, that person has since moved on to someone else.)

3. If you forget to turn your phone off/ on to silent during a date, it will ring. (Even if everyone you know who could possibly be calling you is busy!)

4. If you are running late, your date will be running early. If you are sitting waiting for your date, your date will inevitably get stuck in traffic.

5. If you decide to dress for sitting/indoor date, then your date will ask at the end if you’d like to go on a walk. (Never wear high heels that you can’t walk in. Always bring an extra layer if it’s cold)

Now comes the fun part: Please add some of your own! There are plenty of other things that could go wrong, and have gone wrong. What are some things that have gone wrong on your dates? What are some things that could potentially go wrong on dates that you have always been worried would happen? Most of these are from a female perspective- guys, what goes wrong for you on dates?



  1. I love O'Toole's Corrolary to Murphy's Law: "Murphy was an optimist."

    From a guy's perspective, unless I would leave significantly early for a date, odds are leaving "early" (calculating that I'd get there 10-15 minutes before the schedule time) never worked, and I'd end up being 5-10 minutes late.

    If you ARE late, accept it and call the girl, don't try rushing and cutting corners - especially if you are driving. Though I've never had to do that, I have run into complications when my mind was focused on running to the date and not being more aware of what was going on around me - like the time I tripped and tore my knees open (pants and skin).

  2. Sefardi Gal- thanks!

    SoG- I don't mind if a guy is late, as long as he tells me he's running late. Usually it's not his fault anyway. Tripping right before a date sounds terrible and painful! What did you do?

  3. I picked myself up, made sure I was okay enough to walk (albeit quite a bit slower) and went to the date looking like a hobo.

    Thankfully she wasn't offended by my torn pants and bared and bloodied kneecaps.

    Even more thankfully, we went to a semi-fancy restaurant that had long table skirts, so no one else had to see my injuries.


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